Thommy H gets published!

The very talented Thomas Heasman-Hunt, who wrote all of our Dwarven Empire background lore among countless other stories, is now a published author! You can buy his Sci-fi book Legacy from Amazon, go take a look!   “In a distant part of space in some unknown epoch, humanity has spread across the stars. With access…

Goblin Command

The Goblin Command are now available from the Store! I initially wasn’t going to do a Command set for them, but enough people asked and so here they are 🙂    

Massed Ranks!

The Massed Ranks deal is now in place on the Store, meaning all rank and file trooper sets are 20% off when you buy three sets or more. This should help out those ranks and flanks players out there, building new armies and planning conquest!

Evil stirs in the Deeps

The Goblin Scavengers are now available from the Store! These foul denizens of the darkest depths are a constant plague upon the Dwarves, snatching lone travellers, raiding outposts and even overrunning small settlements. It has been many centuries since the last time a horde of Goblins brought down a Dwarven Hold, but in recent years…

Welcome to Titan Wargames

Our refurbished website is now up and running, please let me know if you encounter any issues.